My travel essentials when flying with kids

5 Essentials When Flying with Kids

Last weekend I flew from Brisbane to Melbourne with all three boys by MYSELF for the first time.  To say I was a little nervous about how we would go would be an understatement!  I’ve picked up more than a few tips thanks to travelling a lot with the older boys, but I was worried […] Read more…

Thermomix Smartie Biscuits

Thermomix Smartie Biscuits

One of the best ways to distract the kids when we are stuck in side (and keep me sane!) is to have some fun baking.  These Thermomix Smartie Biscuits are one of our favourite recipes to make because they are just so easy!These Thermomix Smartie Biscuits take no time at all to put together and are […] Read more…

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